Things to do every Sunday: to start your week off right! Here is your Sunday To do list

Anyone else suffer from the Sunday scaries? You look at the week ahead of you and panic starts to set in … “How am I going to do all this?”  STOP! You got this! Release the negativity and you can make anything possible.

Here are some easy things that you can do to help ensure that you start your week off on the right foot.

Change your mind set

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Breathe! No reason to let Sunday (and the week ahead) cause you anxiety. Trust me, I have been there. Clock hits 4 pm and all you can do is think about the week to come; filled with dread. Let’s stop viewing Sunday as the end of our week and the ending of our weekend. Let’s view it as the start of our week Why can’t we start the week with a relaxing/productive Sunday, instead of starting it on Monday; because let’s be honest, no one loves Monday!

Use Sunday’s to get a jump start on the week and take care of yourself. This will help to remove the anxiety and pressure that comes along with Monday.

Meal prep

Meal prep

I know, I know, this is on every Sunday list, but that’s for a good reason. Prepping your meals at the start of the week can help make the rest of the week easier. No worrying, what am I going to have for lunch tomorrow or grabbing something quick, unhealthy, and unsatisfying.

I am not going to lie to you and tell you that I do this every week, but I do try on those weekends I’m not out in the mountains.  When I do, I am thanking myself for prepping ahead.  Still, we all have those days that it is 5 minutes before you need to leave for work and you’re rummaging through the kitchen looking for something to grab for lunch.   That’s just unnecessary stress. So, let’s work on this together, and start planning ahead.

PLUS, it helps save you money and allows you to eat healthier, because you’re not buying lunch or grabbing something quick and unhealthy.  Believe me, I’ve been known to grab a big plate of carbs and regretted it all afternoon as I fought to stay awake.

Set your goals for the week

sunday todo list set goals

Stop for a second.  What are your goals and what can you do to make them closer to a reality this week. We do not need to get from point A to point Z overnight, but what are some small steps we can do this week to get to point B, C, or D.  Set some small manageable goals for the week, and then self-reflect next Sunday J.  By completing goals, you’ll feel better about yourself!

Plan your week

sunday todo list

So I have recently become a planner person.  This is not something that I thought I would ever say….like ever. I used to live my life in a form of organized chaos in ignorant bliss…..turns out organization is much better. After a friend recommended this awesome planner (link here), I purchased it. It is like my bible for the week.  I track my workouts, Instagram posts, work meetings, etc.  I literally bring this thing everywhere. It helps to visualize the week, so I can mentally prepare accordingly.

Start the week off clean

sunday todo list clean

Every Sunday, I kid you not, I clean my space.  Now I am not talking about a deep clean, it’s more of a straightening.  I put away the basket of laundry that has been sitting around longer that I care to admit; it is probably the only day of the week I make my bed; I clean off my desk; organize a bit; etc.  For me there is something therapeutic about starting my week with a clean and uncluttered space. I find that it is easier to feel productive and happy in a clean space.

Relax! It’s going to be a great week!

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Sundays are for prepping and destressing, so take some time to relax over the course of the day. Practice some self-care and enjoy your day. This looks a little different for everyone. It can be:

-Reading a book

-Taking a bubble bath

-Going on a hike (For your hiking essentials check out this blog)


-Listening to your favorite podcast

-Giving yourself a facial  (Try my favorite one link here)

-Binge watching some Netflix (I may or may not currently be watching way too much Peaky Blinders)

-Practicing Mediation/Yoga

-Working out

There is no right thing to do.  Your really looking to find something that gets you out of your head and allows you to destress. 

Have a great week, starting with an awesome Sunday, you got this!

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