Safety Tips: For Hiking Beginners. Hiking is an amazing form of exercise and one that I can’t recommend enough. Those of you who have been following for a while, know that hiking is something that I REALLY enjoy. Before setting on a hike though there are few safety tips that you should know.

Safety in Numbers

When you first start hiking, it is better to hike in groups. Since you are a beginner it is better to hike in groups, once you get the hang of it solo hiking is totally something that people do, but as a beginner, it is better to go with a group. You never know what you may encounter.

If you can’t find someone to hike with there is so many amazing meetup groups out there that you can find on Facebook Hiker babes, Women who explore, women who hike, and girls who hike.

If you really want to hike alone, just make sure you let someone know just in case.

Plan ahead

Before going on your hike make sure that you plan in advance. Download the map on Alltrails (and bring a portable charger in case). Understand how long the hike you are going on will be so that you can pack accordingly and a lot the correct amount of time.

When to Hike!

As a beginner, start hiking during the day, it is easier for you to be sage. Hiking in the dark can make it hard to see the trail and wildlife. If you do decide to get an early start, make sure that you bring headlamps.

Wear Correct Clothing

Make sure that you dress appropriately for the trail, wear fibers that will wick like poly or merino wool, this will allow you to stay dry on comfortable on the trail. (Check out some women’s hiking apparel you can buy here).

It is also important to keep in mind that weather conditions can change quickly. I also have additional layers, a raincoat, and an extra pair of socks in my pack. I also recommend bringing a pack cover, in case it starts raining it keep what you have in your pack dry.

To learn about additional things you may need in your pack check out our article on the 9 hiking essentials.

Pack Enough Water

No matter what season you are hiking in, water is EXTREMELY Important. Make sure that you can bring enough water, maybe even extra. For every two hours of hiking estimate about a liter of water. Stay aware during the day if you start craving water or feel a slight headache come on, stop and immediately drink water. You can also carry a portable water cleaning device like a steripen or lifestraw to clean lake water.

Have some First Aid Skills

Make sure you have a first aid kit, but having one and knowing how to use it are two different things. If you can take a class prior to going hiking or read up. Also, have a way to get in touch with emergency services if something does happen.

Happy Hiking and Be Safe!

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