How to Pee in the Woods, in case you were wondering

I can not tell you how often people ask me, “well what do you do when you have to pee on a hike?  Do you just hold it?”  Holding it for the entire hike is not something that I would recommend. It will make the hike a non-enjoyable experience. Ladies do yourself a favor and just pee. Here are some easy steps to help!

Find a good spot

Please don’t pee at campsites, on hiking trails, near a water source, or at the base of rock climbs, be courteous to your fellow hikers.

Find a place off the trail, you don’t have to go too far off the trail. Just try to get some privacy, guys barely walk off the trail, why should we have to walk a mile into the woods to pee? Try to find a tree to pee behind. If you are really worried about someone seeing you, have a fellow hiker stand guard. Pro tip: Try to find a place that’s not rocky. When you pee on rocks, it can splatter back up at you.


The squat. Squat down as low as you can, almost like you would when hovering over a toilet seat. I know that after a long hike it can be hard to keep your balance.  If you can, hold on to a tree it will help with your balance.

Don’t Pee on your clothes!

You do not need to take off your pants, just pull them out of the way, I get it, guys have it easier, but ladies you can do it. So just pull your pants down and once you are squatting pull them forward when you are peeing to keep them out of the way while you pee, just to keep everything clean.

Pack Toilet Paper or Reusable Cloth. If you use it (as opposed to a cloth), make sure you put it in a bag and carrying out. 


Yes, aim!  Try not to pee on your shoes, or laces, or clothes. Just to make the rest of the hike enjoyable.

Additional things you can buy to help:

-Purell- Stay Clean

Go, Girl- Pee funnel, makes the aiming easier.

how to pee in the woods- go girl

Kula Cloth-Perfect antimicrobial cloth to pee and leave no trace.

how to pee in the woods- kula cloth

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