Water is EXTREMELY important for you and your body. They say that you should drink the number of ounces that equate to half your body weight in water a day.  For someone weighing 150 pounds, that’s 75 ounces or a little over half a gallon.  If you’re like me, right now you’re Saying to yourself “Damn, if I did that I’d be peeing every five seconds.” That might be true at the beginning, but if you keep drinking water, eventually your body does get used to it, I promise. I am speaking from experience here.

How do I know if I’m drinking enough water?

When it comes to water intake, there are easy ways to know if you are or are not drinking enough. Your body is always trying to communicate with you, and it will alert you when It needs water. Be on the look out for these signs signifying your water intake is too low:

-What is color is your pee? It should be clear to light yellow.  If your urine is yellow to dark yellow, it means that you’re dehydrated (this may not work if you take vitamins or eat beets regularly)

-Dry mouth and lips. If your mouth is always dry, it is obvious that you need more water.

-Headaches. This is a big sign. Even though I try, I don’t always drink enough water and when I don’t, man do I get migraines. Your brain is 85% water.  Studies have shown that a 1% drop in your brains water supply can have a 5% drop in your cognitive functions (the ability to remember, think, etc.)

-Cramps: your muscles need water.  If you don’t get enough water, your muscles can cramp up.  

-No/little Sweat: Sweat is your way of regulating body temp when working out. If you are not consuming enough water your body will not be able to regulate itself.

-Dry Skin: Your cells need water, if they aren’t getting enough they become dry.

-Fatigue- when your not drinking enough water it causes low circulation and insufficient oxygen supply which means your body is more likely to be tired.

Tips to Drink more water:

It is not easy for some of us to drink water, so here are some tips to help increase your water intake.

-Start each day with a glass of water, it is a great way to start the day off right

-Add fruit to your water to make it taste better….I add lemon essential oil which also helps to boost my immune system

-Carry a water bottle around with you, if you always have it with you you are more likely to drink it.

-Set alarms to remind you to drink water.

– Use an app to track your water intake, here are few good ones Ihydrate, WaterLogged, and Daily Water.

-Have water with every meal

What are the benefits of drinking water?

-Increased focus and memory

-Better mood

-Clearer skin-bye bye Acne

-Boosts Immune System

-Better Digestion

-Cleanses your body

-Aids in weight loss/appetite suppressant

-Supports muscle building

-Boosts your energy

-Cleans toxins from your body

So do yourself a favor, and go drink some water!

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