Staying Fit During Quarantine: Anyone else trying to keep off that quarantine 15? It is so easy during this time to break our routine and healthy habits. Settle into the junk food and Netflix life.

Working out will not only keep that dreaded weight off but it will also: 

-Boost your mood

-Reduce Stress 

-Improve Sleep

-Boost your immune system

-Increase energy levels

I know what you ate thinking “But how do I work out at home with no equipment?” There are so many options to stay fit during the crazy quarantine time. Here are a few: 
  1. If you like the personal touch, reach out to a personal trainer. Even with gyms being closed trainers are taking their workouts to Zoom. The benefit of this is that you can get a workout tailored to you and support a local business owner (and they need your support now more than ever) 
  2. If you don’t have the money for a trainer right now that’s perfectly understandable.  The internet is filled with amazing workout videos, and some of my friends and I have been sharing our favorite YouTube videos. (I am personally loving MadFits workouts right now.) Find some friends to do this with! It will help keep you accountable and reduce isolation. 
  3. The fitness community has been amazingly supportive during this time and there are several companies offering free workouts: 
  • Rumble: every morning they have free boxing videos on Instagram! 
  • Self: has been going live on their Instagram with workouts 
  • Pelton: Pelton has an ab with strength training, and they have made their free 30-day trial 90 days! 
  • Soul Cycle: Several of their trainers are sharing off the bike workouts on their Instagram!
  • Daily burn: I love their workouts, they have themes as well as a unique daily workout! They are extending their free trial from 30 days to 60 days!
  • Planet Fitness: on their Facebook page they are offering 20 min workouts.  Not a member, not a problem, as these workouts are accessible to everyone. 
  • Corepower yoga: they are offering free yoga videos online. 
  1. The weather is getting nicer so take your workout outside; go for a walk or a run. Just make sure that you keep your distance and don’t get to close to others. I have been trying to go out early before people go outside. PLUS: Fresh air is super important! 
So stay fit, stay active, stay healthy, and stay sane! 

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Staying Fit in Cerinic

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