What is COVID Burnout?

Feeling tired, alone, exhausted, and hopeless? You are not alone many others are experiencing the same thing as we have now been living in the Pandemic world for over a year. Whether we realize it or not we are constantly dealing with subconscious stress, especially with all the uncertainty out there. With some hope on the horizon as the vaccines roll out but it is still important that we take the time now to focus on our mental health.

Stay Connected!

I know many of us are dealing with Zoom fatigue, we are in meetings now more than ever and most of our interactions are through a blue light screen. But it is important the we stay connected with our loved ones. Try to keep it fun and interesting, somethings you can do are: A game night, watch a movie/tv show together, virtual paint night, lunch/coffee date, etc.

 Plus with the weather getting nicer, it will soon be possible to socially distance outside.  

Step Away From Social Media!                     

Social media hase become an anxiety trigger for most, our news feeds are filled with news, and updates, and opinions, and politics, and a million other things that can trigger us. While social media can be a great way to stay connect and distracted it is also important that we step away from it. So put down the phone and take some you time.

Make TENTATIVE Plans for The Future

Make plans for when the world gets back to normal look at vacations or plans with friends you haven’t seen in awhile just understand that these plans may change. It is important that we continue to be flexible.

Enforce Boundaries

Many of us have found ourselves blurring the lines of Work from home and home, we need to continue to enforce these boundaries. If you notice that you have been working more, try to dial it back. While it is understandable you have more free time with the lack of commute….and for many of us, a real social life working all the time is not healthy. We need to take time to recharge and energize.

Make time For You

It is easy to keep checking in on everyone else, taking on others stress, or just start working more to fill your time. It is important that you remember that you need to take time for yourself.

Here are some ways to practice self care.

Exercise and Eat Healthy.

Oh the COVID-15 binging Netflix and eating lots of seamless it is only natural and no one is shamming you, but eating healthy and excercing can help with your mental health.

Remember Your Feelings are Valid

At this point no one can tell you how to feel and whatever you are feeling is okay. You don’t need to compare yourself to others. Just let yourself feel how you do. If you are experiencing these feelings for more then two weeks, it may be time to seek help: crying spells, difficulty eating, fatigue, losing interest in things, avoiding friends/family, anger, and difficultly sleeping. There are resources out there that can help.

Remind yourself that you got this!

As a side note, remember we are all going through this together and we all have varying levels of what we feel like is safe. Don’t push others to step out of their comfort zone, and understand that some of your friends may be okay with socializing while others still have fear…find ways to interact with them that they are comfortable with.

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