Unfortunately, a lot of the equipment we use to get ourselves healthy is not healthy for the environment … but it can be. With the swing towards sustainability, and with all of us becoming more aware of our impact on the planet, several brands have created eco-friendly alternatives.

Resistance Bands

Working out more at home and want some new gear? Try out these new eco-friendly resistance bands to up your workout:

              –Bala Bands: Made out of 100% Natural Latex, plus they have great motivational sayings on them.

              –Cariona: Made out of organic cotton fibers allowing for increased strength and anti-smell.

              –Wolf & Badger: Made out of 100% Tree Rubber Latex, not only are they sustainable but biodegradable.

Workout More Sustainable

Photo From: Wolf & Badger

Yoga Mats

While yoga may cleanse the mind a lot of yoga mats are made from synthetic materials that are not cleansing the planet. Check out these Yoga mats made from more natural options:

              –Jade Yoga


              –Manduka Eko Series


Workout More Sustainable

Photo From: Manduka


Lift  more sustainably

              –Bala bars: An ergonomic design made from recycled stainless steel

              –Cap Barbell: Eco-friendly dumbbells

Eco-Friendly Foam Rollers

              –Rawology: Eco-friendly cork massage balls and cork massage rollers for muscle recovery

              – 42 Birds: cork roller

              –Casall: With cork and bamboo options

Photo From: 42 Birds

Water bottles

Ditch the plastic. At the gym or on the go say no to the plastic water bottle, there are so many great alternatives such as:

              –LARQ: This water bottle is great and uses LED light to clean and purify your water.

              –Que: Not only does this have a great collapsible design, but it also is made from non-toxic materials and gives back.

              –Klean Kanteen: Sleek streamline waterbottles that are made with sustainable practices and gives back.

Workout More Sustainable

Photo From: Klean Kanteen

Gym Bag

Headed to the gym? Make the sustainable choice with your gym bag with these cute options:

              –Rareform Union Duffle made from recycled billboards.

              –Terra Thread A grade Eco-Friendly Gym bag, an item that makes a positive impact.

              –Terra Thread Bumi Organic Cotton Duffle Bag

              –Everybody & Everyone All Good Things Bag made out of recycled water bottles.

              –Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Bag with options in organic canvas or recycled poly.

Photo From: Terra Thread


Let’s take a step towards sustainability, with these cute, eco-friendly, and functional sneakers.


              -On Running

              -Salomon Recycled Running Shoe

Photo From: On Running


Activewear can also be harmful to the environment, as much of it is made primarily from synthetic fibers. Check out our line Cerinic, as a more eco-friendly alternative to your fitness apparel. We use recycled polyester in all our garments. Like traditional polyester, it’s a man-made fiber produced from synthetic material. Recycled polyester uses existing plastics, such as water bottles, to prevent our landfills from filling up and reduce emissions from incinerators. But we don’t just stop at our fabrics, all of our shipping materials and hangtags are also made with recycled materials … and we have pockets!

Workout More Sustainable

Photo From: Cerinic

Enjoy your next workout and keep being amazing!